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Facebook Retargeting Pixel in 2019. What it can do & Why Your Business Needs it?

Facebook Retargeting Pixel

Facebook has the most amount of popularity among the social media platforms. Therefore, it is one of the best mediums for promotion of businesses through advertisements. It is an engaging and interactive platform that helps strike the bull’s eye when it comes to attracting the target audience. The process of retargeting audiences is responsible for the splurging advertisements on Facebook , which is done using Facebook Pixel.

What Is Facebook Pixel Retargeting?

facebook pixel retargeting 2019

Facebook Retargeting pixel is the alternative term for remarketing. It is a process of advertising by ensuring that a particular brand name which is retargeted continues to appear in front of any visiting traffic even after the website is left. The Facebook pixel is a short piece of coded data that can be inserted at the back-end of any given website for the purpose of retargeting. That is the reason why facebook pixel is also called facebook retargeting pixel. These tags help in driving and decoding the main performance medium created by any given platform.

What Can Facebook Pixel Retargeting

Do For Me?

facebook pixel retargeting in 2019

Track conversions: Conversions are various actions which visitors complete in a business website. Facebook pixel does the job of tracking those interactions and insert further ads to the facebook pages of such visitors. The owner of the user will also get informed of the people completing their respective actions. It is also used to keep a track of what exact pages are they visiting and how much are the ROI getting affected because of such interactions.

Retargeting ads: With the help of facebook pixel a business website can bring back the users who have already visited their website. The job Facebook pixel does is track down the facebook IDs of these visitors and serve them ads to their facebook page that acts as reminders to visit the business website again. Facebook pixel does extensive research while creating and retargeting the custom audiences. Therefore, it always gets successful in landing ads to the right set of visitors as target.

Retargeting Your Lost Viewers

fb pixel retargeting in 2019

The audiences who are usually targeted are therefore those who have already had some sort of engagement with the business website. These happen to be the people who have previously been interested in the concerned business website. Therefore facebook pixel helps customizing the visitors by the tracking mechanism. This proves way more useful than generating visitors using regular methods. Facebook pixel provides data that is helpful even when it comes to widening the reach of a given business by increasing the target audience.

Track All Your Site Data & Conversions

Create custom audience

Facebook pixel uses these custom audiences as reference to generate more audience who might as well have interest in the concerned business website. This process is done automatically. The new visitors or audiences created are similar to the original ones and that is the reason why these people are called lookalike audiences. This inbuilt system helps the process of finding new audiences easier, faster and better since it does not involve any calculated guess to choose and form a new set of visitors.

How Does Facebook Pixel Work?

the facebook pixel retargeting in 2019

The primary step is to install the facebook retargeting pixel at the back-end of the concerned webpage. This page is what the facebook pixel will track for and bring targeted audiences to. It is best to include the facebook pixel code on that page which includes the selling service or whatever the advertisements are meant for. Also, the check out page is another crucial page for any website. Thus, including the pixel code on that page is another wise idea. Lastly the “thank you” page also proves effective to bring about audiences back if are linked with the Facebook pixel code.

Getting A Better Understanding On Who You Are Retargeting.

the facebook pixel retargeting

  1. There are usually three major types of people who might have access to any given business website. There are a group of people who navigate different business websites, check out a variety of products, even add certain items to their cart but never end up buying them.The Facebook pixel inserted on the page showcasing a company’s products will track these people and add them to the customized audience target.
  2. The next set of people is one step ahead of the previous group. They visit and buy but freaks out with the idea of a big sum of payment. They probably abandon the business website at the sight of the check out page. Thus the Facebook pixel from the checkout page comes into play by tracking them and attempting to bring them back to exactly from where they have left.
  3. The final group of visitors reaches the farthest. They complete their action of buying and paying and thus end the process of a conversion. This takes them to the final page of the website which is the Thank you’ page. They are added to a separate list so as to make sure that no ad related to their already bought items is shown to them. They are served with ads for new set of items from their visited website and are eventually brought back to the same.

Now, it might be strange to believe that all of these are done by a singular Pixel. Facebook Pixel holds its significance for this advancement.

The FB Pixel Code Consists Of Two Parts

These parts have their individual structure and respective purpose.

  • Base code: This part of the pixel code identifies the account of advertisement. It remains consistent for a given business/company as the arena or field which a business is based on remains the same. The base code is placed at every page of the business website.
  • Standard event code: It specifies the event the business website tracks for. It changes according to the needs of the business. This is placed in a specific code of the business site as it is supposed to be triggered only when someone completes an action on the given website.

How To Install Facebook pixel?

FB pixel retargeting setup

Start with reaching the pixels tab in the events Manager

and then select “create a pixel”.

Copying The Pixel Code To Your Website.

installing fb pixel

Click On manually install pixel code yourself.

install pixel code

Then copy & paste the entire pixel code and add it to your website header. To install it in a website, the header needs to be located at first followed by copying and pasting the code at the bottom of the header.

test traffic to your fb pixel

To make sure that the pixel is working fine, the button for sending test traffic needs to be clicked. If the pixel was installed correctly it will say active.

test traffic to your pixel

If faced with any problem related to the functioning, the Facebook support is there to help. After the basic installation process, the set up can be further improved using the following steps.

set up events

Select the option “Manually install event code”.

Click on “continue” to proceed

install events

Choose the events you’d like to track

lead track event

Choose either of the options from Page load or Inline Action based on the event that was selected to be tracked. The page land option is for those who lands on a webpage from the concerned website like the” Thank you” page. The option for Inline Action tracking, on the other hand is dedicated to track events of clicking like a visitor clicking on a link. The provision to set different parameters for the tracking action is also given. For example, the value of conversion.

Once, all of these parameters are set

The facebook pixel will provide the user with information regarding the ROI campaign and every other detail about the amount getting generated using the retargeting pixel. After that, Facebook will provide another code namely the event code which needs to be pasted on the back-end of the concerned webpage.

Make sure that the already pasted header code does not require any further modification. Since there are two different tracking events, the position of the event code is different based on them. For the events of page load tracking, the code has to be pasted below the closing header. However, for the events of inline action, the same code has to be added in between the script tags.

For a better understanding of every detail and to ensure a proper functioning of the facebook pixel, it is recommended to install a facebook pixel helper as well. It can be installed from Google Chrome by clicking on the “Add Extension” option.

The Facebook pixel will then be all set to be used effectively to drive more traffic and improve the ROI campaign.

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